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  1. Immortal Sword: Return - A Review

    Immortal Sword: Return is an open-world MMORPG from Jamland International Limited. It's a Wuxia-themed game and available on Google Play.

    Character Creation

    There are five character archetypes: Fogbow (swordsman), Luna (swordswoman), Rosy (mage), Nightmare (demon), and Bodhi (monk). Customization is limited, but the characters do feel like they have their …

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  2. Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution

    Aura Kingdom 2 for mobile has been relaunched as Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution (not with NFTs) by X-Legend. I only played the original version a bit, but this version seems to be largely the same. That said, let's take a closer look.

    Character Creation

    There are four classes: * Shinobi (dual …

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  3. The End of Blaugust2023

    So, Blaugust2023 is over. The goal is one post per day, or 31 posts. I have a total of...17 (including this one!). Was it a success?


    I've tried, and failed, at blogging so many times, but this time seems different. I've found a topic I'm interested in and …

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  4. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened First Look

    I wanted to give this game a shot. I've seen the movies, but never read the books. The movies were fun and had an engaging take on magic, magic societies, and the rules that bind them. I've played for a grand total of about 20 minutes, so this is a …

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  5. Blogging Is Hard...Kinda

    I've wanted to write a blog for years. In fact, I've tried to start one several times and each time I lose interest or life gets busy or I question whether or not I'm offering anything of value and I stop. When I saw the posts about #Blaugust an massivelyop …

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  6. Everyone Gets a Cozy Lifesim

    The recent explosion of released and announced cozy lifesim games has been fun to watch. I am enjoying Palia (to some degree) and games like Loftia look like they have potential. The classics, like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, while single-player, are still charming. Obviously a big shout-out to Animal …

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  7. Mobile MMOs and Rewards or Click All The Things

    Application notifications are a bit of a curse for me. I cannot leave them ignored. They must be acknowledged and cleared. Mobile MMOs love to fill nearly the entire screen with notifications and so the first 10-15 minutes of playtime of one of these games is just clearing notifications. Here's …

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  8. Dragon Nest2 - Final Thoughts

    Dragon Nest2 Final Review

    I've reached level 16 in Dragon Nest2 and while I will probably play it on and off, I feel that I've played it enough to get a sense for the game.


    The story is a little confusing, but you're tasked with figuring out the purpose …

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  9. Dragon Nest2 - Dragon Runes Again

    Published: Wed 09 August 2023
    By Groo

    In Short.

    I'm still banging around on Dragon Nest2. In my last post, I explained how not using Dragon Runes had caused a dungeon run to fail. This time, I tried swapping in a different rune and the run failed again. Looking at it more closely, the original rune I had worked …

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