1. Dragon Nest2 - Dragon Runes?

    Published: Tue 08 August 2023
    By Groo

    In Short.

    So, the instance I was stuck on and failing because due to time running was my fault. One part I kinda skipped over in the tutorial was the concept of the "Dragon Rune". These are Tetris-style blocks that you acquire and range in a grid and they boost various stats …

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  2. Dragon Nest2 - P2W?

    Another short post today. Is Dragon Nest2 Pay2Win?

    tl;dr - Probably


    I'm at level 12 or so in Dragon Nest2. The gameplay loop is still generally fun and the story is ok (not great, not terrible). It has autopathing, but not autocombat and just about everything is instanced, just …

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  3. Palia vs Villagers and Heroes

    Just a quick post today. I've been playing the Palia beta and I'm really enjoying the casual life-skilling, including the housing. For those who haven't played it, it's a lifeskilling sim with instanced housing and small server caps. Whether or not it's really an mmmorp is a debate for another …

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  4. Why I Like Certain Games

    A shorter post today. I wanted to list some of the games I'm currently playing and why.

    The Games

    • Villagers and Heroes - I just picked this back up. I've always thought it was cute and fun and, most importantly, casual-friendly. For me, the real draw is the "Village" part. The …

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  5. What's in a mobile MMO, anyway?

    We play them, but why?

    What's an MMO?

    The definition of MMO varies more than one would think. How many players is required for it to be considered "massively multiplayer"? How much instancing is acceptable? Is it an MMO if it doesn't have fishing?

    Let's start with the definition that …

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  6. Autoplay - Boon or Bane?

    Autoplay is very common in mobile mmos. Is it good? Bad? Both?


    I'm using "autoplay" to encompass both autopathing (where the game moves you from quest location to quest location) and autocombat (where the game fights your fights for you). They're usually found together, but not always.

    The Debate …

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  7. Super Spatial - Crafting

    Published: Tue 01 August 2023
    By Groo

    In Short.

    Super Spatial (formerly Dazzle.Rocks) is a cute lifesim. Aside from the crafting and housing, you can also create and participate in "party islands". These islands have player-created games (eg: mazes) and you compete to complete them. The game is cute and fun and a great way to spend some …

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  8. Dragon Nest2 Evolution - Level 10?

    So, I made it to level 10 in Dragon Nest2. It wasn't difficult by any means, but it did feel a bit tedious. I'll probably play it a bit more to see if it improves, but so far it's just ok. It still isn't doing anything new or interesting and …

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  9. Dragon Nest2 Evolution - First Look

    Dragon Nest2 Evolution is a new mobile MMO from Level Infinite. Its relation to the original Dragon Nest game seems a bit tenous, but it is set in the same world.

    The Good:

    • The controls are standard touchscreen types, but they feel responsive
    • The game looks good. It's certainly stylized …
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  10. Short - Villagers and Heroes lifeskilling

    Lifeskilling in Villagers and Heroes is relatively simple, but very satisfying. Here is a short video where I tend to some crops and care for livestock. One really neat bit is that the supplies for both can be bought while you are in the pens, so you don't have to …

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