Blogging Is Hard...Kinda

I've wanted to write a blog for years. In fact, I've tried to start one several times and each time I lose interest or life gets busy or I question whether or not I'm offering anything of value and I stop. When I saw the posts about #Blaugust an, I decided to try again. This time it would be different.

And it has been. Sort of.

The #Blaugust committment was one post per day. I'm not really doing that, but I figured that any number of posts for the month was better than none. I had a topic that I was really interested and passionate about. All I had to do was write. Easy, right?

Well, yes, but actually, no.

I like writing, but the writing I do for work is all dry and technical. Writing for myself, with own voice, has turned out to be much harder. Looking at what I've posted, I have had a lot of short posts, posts that could have been mastodon toots, to be honest. That's not what I wanted. I wanted lengthy, well-written and designed posts that really communicated my thoughts. Instead, I've done a lot of what is essentially shouting at people on the sidewalk while driving by at 60mph. The mental effort and creative load required for good posts is ....well, it's hard. So have I failed?

Short answer: no

Long answer: noooooooo

Blaugust isn't over and even when it is, I intend to keep this blog up. I probably won't post every day, but I will keep posting and learning to flex my creative writing muscles. It's new, it's different, but I like it and I want to do more of it. Maybe no one reads it, maybe one person reads it. Who knows. I'm going to enjoy putting my thoughts down about a topic that's important to me and that's all that matters.