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  1. Immortal Sword: Return - A Review

    Immortal Sword: Return is an open-world MMORPG from Jamland International Limited. It's a Wuxia-themed game and available on Google Play.

    Character Creation

    There are five character archetypes: Fogbow (swordsman), Luna (swordswoman), Rosy (mage), Nightmare (demon), and Bodhi (monk). Customization is limited, but the characters do feel like they have their …

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  2. Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution

    Aura Kingdom 2 for mobile has been relaunched as Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution (not with NFTs) by X-Legend. I only played the original version a bit, but this version seems to be largely the same. That said, let's take a closer look.

    Character Creation

    There are four classes: * Shinobi (dual …

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  3. Dragon Nest2 - Final Thoughts

    Dragon Nest2 Final Review

    I've reached level 16 in Dragon Nest2 and while I will probably play it on and off, I feel that I've played it enough to get a sense for the game.


    The story is a little confusing, but you're tasked with figuring out the purpose …

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