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  1. Blogging Is Hard...Kinda

    I've wanted to write a blog for years. In fact, I've tried to start one several times and each time I lose interest or life gets busy or I question whether or not I'm offering anything of value and I stop. When I saw the posts about #Blaugust an massivelyop …

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  2. Everyone Gets a Cozy Lifesim

    The recent explosion of released and announced cozy lifesim games has been fun to watch. I am enjoying Palia (to some degree) and games like Loftia look like they have potential. The classics, like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, while single-player, are still charming. Obviously a big shout-out to Animal …

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  3. Mobile MMOs and Rewards or Click All The Things

    Application notifications are a bit of a curse for me. I cannot leave them ignored. They must be acknowledged and cleared. Mobile MMOs love to fill nearly the entire screen with notifications and so the first 10-15 minutes of playtime of one of these games is just clearing notifications. Here's …

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  4. Dragon Nest2 - P2W?

    Another short post today. Is Dragon Nest2 Pay2Win?

    tl;dr - Probably


    I'm at level 12 or so in Dragon Nest2. The gameplay loop is still generally fun and the story is ok (not great, not terrible). It has autopathing, but not autocombat and just about everything is instanced, just …

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  5. Palia vs Villagers and Heroes

    Just a quick post today. I've been playing the Palia beta and I'm really enjoying the casual life-skilling, including the housing. For those who haven't played it, it's a lifeskilling sim with instanced housing and small server caps. Whether or not it's really an mmmorp is a debate for another …

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  6. Why I Like Certain Games

    A shorter post today. I wanted to list some of the games I'm currently playing and why.

    The Games

    • Villagers and Heroes - I just picked this back up. I've always thought it was cute and fun and, most importantly, casual-friendly. For me, the real draw is the "Village" part. The …

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  7. What's in a mobile MMO, anyway?

    We play them, but why?

    What's an MMO?

    The definition of MMO varies more than one would think. How many players is required for it to be considered "massively multiplayer"? How much instancing is acceptable? Is it an MMO if it doesn't have fishing?

    Let's start with the definition that …

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  8. Autoplay - Boon or Bane?

    Autoplay is very common in mobile mmos. Is it good? Bad? Both?


    I'm using "autoplay" to encompass both autopathing (where the game moves you from quest location to quest location) and autocombat (where the game fights your fights for you). They're usually found together, but not always.

    The Debate …

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