Divine W Perfect Wonderland - Review

Divine W Perfect Wonderland is an open-world mmorpg from Leniu Games. It is set in a world of Chinese mythology and features a variety of classes. Honestly, I could probably copy and paste the review from Immortal Sword: Return and it would be pretty accurate. There are some class differences: Divine W has more of them and there's no Demon kid class, although there is a dark magic user. There is a heavy amount of auto-play and levels are handed out like candy. I was level 40 after less than 15 minutes of 'playing'. So the question is: Is it fun? For me, yes, yes it is.

The game has fantastic graphics and a rich world full of whimsy (you get a pig companion early on). The characters have great costumes, including wings (I'm a sucker for wings). The story is, honestly, a bit hard to follow, but you might be the partial reincarnation of the 'Great Sage'. This same idea was also in Immortal Sword: Return. Wikipedia (and other sources) suggest that this was another name for Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, a well-known staple of mythology. Why is this important? Because the story of this game ties into some really interesting mythology and a good story (and the accompanying lore) can make a game much more immersive and fun, even if you're mostly reading (and digesting) quest text while the game sort of plays itself. As always, I can take over and manually move and fight and for some boss fights, it's worth doing that.

So, should you play this game? If you like Chinese mythology, rough-around-the-edges localization, and a very casual gaming experience, absolutely. If none of those appeal to you, the game will not be fun.