Dragon Nest2 Evolution - First Look

Dragon Nest2 Evolution is a new mobile MMO from Level Infinite. Its relation to the original Dragon Nest game seems a bit tenous, but it is set in the same world.

The Good:

  • The controls are standard touchscreen types, but they feel responsive
  • The game looks good. It's certainly stylized and a bit cartoony, but it seems quite appropriate

The Bad: * The localization is not great and many voice lines, both system and NPC, are not in English

  • Gender-locked classes

The Ok:

  • Nothing new in terms of gameplay.

Dragon Nest2 Evolution is ok. It doesn't do anything new or innovative, but it doesn't do anything badly, either. The story, as near as I could make it, is the standard "save the world from dark forces" trope. I, honestly, enjoy the trope, but it's a new take or anything. All that said, the game is still fun to play and I will keep on exploring. Maybe I will find something new or different that really makes it stand out. Check out the video below for a what a quick solo dungeon run looks like.

Dragon Nest2 Evolution - First Lookg