Dragon Nest2 - P2W?

Another short post today. Is Dragon Nest2 Pay2Win?

tl;dr - Probably


I'm at level 12 or so in Dragon Nest2. The gameplay loop is still generally fun and the story is ok (not great, not terrible). It has autopathing, but not autocombat and just about everything is instanced, just like the original Dragon Nest. The main story requires me to complete a certain instance run and I've failed twice due to running out of time. My time-to-kill (ttk) mobs is just too long. From what I can see, there's no real way to hit the buttons faster, so the only way to progress is to get more power (my Battle Power is ~1550, which I guess is low?). I haven't unlocked item enhancement, so I have to get getter gear....or maybe buy an item in the shop? There look to be enhancement items that would increase my Battle Power, although I'm not sure I can use them if I haven't unlocked enhancements yet. The question is: Can I beat this dungeon (and subsequent ones) without having to pay real money? I don't know yet, to be honest, but I intend to find out. So is the game p2w? I say "probably" because if I'm hitting this kind of limit so early it's likely to get worse. I'll certainly find out!