Immortal Sword: Return - A Review

Immortal Sword: Return is an open-world MMORPG from Jamland International Limited. It's a Wuxia-themed game and available on Google Play.

Character Creation

There are five character archetypes: Fogbow (swordsman), Luna (swordswoman), Rosy (mage), Nightmare (demon), and Bodhi (monk). Customization is limited, but the characters do feel like they have their own identity in terms of abilities.

Intro Area

You start the game looking for a way to revive your dead companion. This is usually where abilities get taught, but this game relies heavily on auto-play. The intro area does introduce the story, but the localization made it tough for me to figure out what I was doing.


For the most part, you watch your character do stuff. You could take over and play it yourself, but nothing seems really challenging and even the boss fights are over in seconds. My character is level 47; maybe it gets harder later on.


Honestly, I have no idea. You end up interacting with various immortals and I think you're supposed to be on the path to becoming an immortal, but it was tough to follow.

Final Thoughts

I've been on a quest to find an enjoyable Wuxia game and while this isn't it, it was not necessarily a bad game. I did enjoy following along and trying to figure out the story while the game played itself. There was a lot of dialog and that tells me there is some story and lore here even if I was having trouble following it. The character I picked was Nightmare, a little demon kid and I really loved that concept. A kid who turns into a demon for fights; what's not to love about that? It may not be a game for me, but if you like Wuxia and don't mind a rather passive role in your mobile gaming, this title might be worth checking out.