Mobile MMOs and Rewards or Click All The Things

Application notifications are a bit of a curse for me. I cannot leave them ignored. They must be acknowledged and cleared. Mobile MMOs love to fill nearly the entire screen with notifications and so the first 10-15 minutes of playtime of one of these games is just clearing notifications. Here's how it usually goes:

  1. Start game
  2. Click daily login reward
  3. Click event notification
  4. Click event notification reward
  5. Click other event notification
  6. Click other event notification reward
  7. Click for daily gacha tickets
  8. Click some other daily reward
  9. Finally start playing

As much as this bothers me, I do enjoy receiving rewards, even if they're just for being semi-functional and able to click shiny things on the screen. I would prefer the number of them be less because they're usually just filler stuff and I detest those notifications that cannot be cleared, such as the prompt to make your first purchase. I'm buying anything, I'm not gonna buy anything, so stop pestering me.

Keep the rewards coming, though. I like those.