The End of Blaugust2023

So, Blaugust2023 is over. The goal is one post per day, or 31 posts. I have a total of...17 (including this one!). Was it a success?


I've tried, and failed, at blogging so many times, but this time seems different. I've found a topic I'm interested in and one that brings me joy to deep-dive in and explore. I'm focusing less on putting out the One True Post and more on consistency. Just keep writing. Obviously I didn't manage it every day, but I'm happy with every other day. In truth, I see this blog as updating once or twice per week. I'd like to spend more time developing quality posts (but not perfect) then quick little micro-blogs.

What's in the future?

Well, more of this. I'll keep playing existing and trying new mobile mmos. It's a fantastic space full of some of the most garbage games ever made, but also some real gems with heart and depth.

Play on!