Why I Like Certain Games

A shorter post today. I wanted to list some of the games I'm currently playing and why.

The Games

  • Villagers and Heroes - I just picked this back up. I've always thought it was cute and fun and, most importantly, casual-friendly. For me, the real draw is the "Village" part. The housing and farming and livestock are relaxing.

  • Super Spatial - Another casual game, this one has a cute vibe that's appealing. It's just gathering and crafting. Also, it's in portrait mode which is a nice change.

  • Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds - I don't play this one as much, but when I do the art style and visual beauty are the reason. There's controversy over its NFT aspect, but it's not really a problem for casual play.

  • Ragnarok Origins - This is also a cute game. The story is interesting and it's an easy game to play. I can pop in, run a quick quest, and pop out. Again, super casual.

Final Thoughts

I guess I definitely have a type when it comes to mobile games: Cute and casual.